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They’re Swedish and they’re socks. And they’re happy. Really, really happy.

A fresh pair of socks can make my entire week. Yes I am one of those people that take time and find happiness in crisp sheets, fresh socks and actually enjoy brushing my teeth and washing my face at the end of a long day. New socks always have that feel-good moment when you first slip them on, almost the same thrill you get when peeling off the protective plastic off a new iPhone… Oooooh…

These little guys are even better – they’re loud and carry individuality and personality. I always find it amusing to catch a glimpse of people’s socks… for some strange reason they tend to tell a little story of who we really are. Clearly I have split personalities, one for each day perhaps. From butterfly-catching in the park to keeping things minimal (hashtag fashion) with whites, greys and blacks.

Hint : These guys make the best stocking stuffer. Seriously.
One for you, one for me rule applies.

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