little white lies


When it’s warm enough to spend the morning in a one piece on the balcony, it must be summer.

I am not sure exactly where this time fits into the week, in between multiple trips and sleep overs in Canberra, Christmas gift-planning and naughty visits to the crazy Melbourne cafés – I will never know. But when the daily morning show reminded me that we have less than twenty days left until Christmas, the nerves well and truly set in. The rattling fact that presents, tree and festivities are far from planned and organized… As well as the awesome feeling of knowing that I’ll get to hug my entire family at the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

Here is to hoping that the next two weeks are kind to me. And that there will be more time for sunshine and bikinis. Cause I like both of those, a lot.

kiteys goggles | sunday somewhere
sentiment one piece | jets
honeycomb cuff | georgini


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