paddling out


I RSVPed to a stand up paddle board session with Sally Fitz Gibbons followed by a superfood breakfast with Roxy, spending most of my post RSVP time trying to figure out what to wear. My prayers answered a beautiful bag shows up at my door a few hours later, packed full of Roxy’s new Outdoor Fitness range.

Holy mother.

I’ve always been active and love being in the water, but didn’t really think that it would be possible to create gear suitable for both occasions. Chatting to Sally about her (very) successful career and love of watersports, this range made more and more sense as the morning progressed. Not now am I only obsessed with stand up paddle boarding (yes, still looking for my own board…), but have found inspiration and motivation in Sally and Roxy with this new range. There are no more excuses people! Having a ‘desk job’ does not mean you have to give up movement, fitness, LIFE!

This gear is specifically designed to work with you both on the water and on land, so if a surf and a run is you dream start to the day, make sure you take a look at this. As soon as I get my board and this rain subsides you will most likely find me doing exactly this, every morning.

‘kassia’ wetsuit | roxy outdoor fitness
‘day’ sunnies | roc eyewear


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